We have 13 small and 13 medium Classic style/size zoodies left. These are reduced from £20 to £5 each. Both zoodies feature the new British Girlguiding Overseas embroidered logo. Please note that these zoodies are not the same sizes as the ones for sale on the shop page and are remnants of a previous order and will only fit slim Guides or Brownies, not adults.

The Small Zoodie is being modelled by a 9 year old Brownie who wears it comfortably but is a very slim girl. It did fit a short size 6 young adult but was 'tight' and the sleeves only just long enough.
The Medium Zoodie is being modelled by a very slim 14 year old YL who is a size 4!
Both sizes are really only suitable for slim Guides/YLs or older Brownies. We would not recommend them for leaders unless they were very slim and of short stature.
They would look very smart worn by one unit!

Delivery is extra. Please contact (email) merchandise@british-girlguiding-overseas.org.uk to order or request further information.


£15 OFF!!



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