What we do

Our vision is to enable all our girls, young women, leaders and volunteers to fulfil their potential, have adventure, experience different opportunities and have fun in a safe girl-only environment.

British Girlguiding Overseas is part of UK Girlguiding. Units are based in many parts of the world, either in UK Overseas territories or in areas where it is impossible or inappropriate for reasons such as language or culture for the girls to join the local national organisation. Members make the same promise as in the UK, follow the current programme as appropriate to their Section and wherever possible follow the policy and rules of Girlguiding.


The Falkland Islands Certificate and badge of Honour has been awarded to Cherie Clifford in recognition of her 32 years of volunteering for the Girlguide Association. Cherie has been involved in Guiding since she was a Brownie at the age of 7 years and has moved through the various units, both on Ascension Island and St. Helena where she undertook her leadership role. Since moving to the Falkland Islands Cherie has been involved in Guiding, providing learning and life experiences for girls through the Guiding movement. She has been the Commissioner of the Falkland Islands Guide Association for the past 10+ years.

The Queen’s Certificate and accompanying Badge of Honour is a local honour, approved by Her Majesty the Queen in 2010, to allow the Falkland Island Government to recognise those having connections with the Falkland Islands who have, by their loyalty and meritorious conduct, provided services of exceptional benefit to the people of the Falkland Islands.

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