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Dear Leaders,

What a fantastic time BGO members had celebrating the reveal of the new programme on Saturday 21st July at HQ in London.

I was delighted to see 45 ladies who came from Singapore, Malaysia, Jakarta, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Dubai, Sharjah, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, France and Belgium.  We also had BGO members living in the UK as well as Sarah our HQ administration team manager at our programme reveal.

Ruth, Girlguiding acting CEO, lead volunteers Jess and Deborah, and Kat lead HQ staff member, joined us at lunchtime.

We ran training sessions to show and explain the new programme. Unit Meeting Activity cards (UMA), Skills Builder challenges, awards, hand books, badge and record books, anniversary and interest badges were all on display, discussed and admired. We looked at how to implement the new programme and had discussions about how to support the girls’ decision making and guiding journey during the transition period. We got excited when we talked about the different ways we can celebrate the girls’ achievements both locally and across our different countries.

After lunch Jess, Deborah and Kat led a question and answer session on the new programme which was very interesting and we learnt more ‘hot off the press’ points.

No celebration is complete without cake, bunting and goodie bags so we had those too! Thanks to Kathryn and Liz for making and transporting a three –tiered cake and 48 cups cakes across London for us to enjoy. They were yummy!! Thanks to Jill for sourcing everything that went into the goodie bags and it was great to see leaders’ faces when they looked inside and found some of the new BGO gifts – a pen, a bracelet and of course a balloon and a badge!!

If you weren’t able to join us on the 21st, there is lots of information about the new programme on the Girlguiding website. Just click on the ‘Explore our new programme’ box on the front page and this will lead you to a page which tells you everything you need to know. If you click on any of the boxes found on this page you will find more detailed information about one of the resources. At the bottom of that page you will find another box entitled ‘Information for leaders and trainers’ and here you will find information about the transition period.

We will also be offering you webinar training sessions on the new programme as well as including new programme training at all of the county, division and district training weekends next year. Please contact Hazel for more details if you are interested in joining a webinar session. If you can’t join any of these opportunities please let us know and we’ll find another way to share a training opportunity with you.

Have a lovely summer and as always, my sincere thanks for all the you do for the girls, leaders and volunteers in your care.

Best wishes

Summer 2018